o- no plur.(lu/n) strength, energy; good health.

Okuddamu olungubanguba, to regain one’s strength,

recover one’s health. Ndimu olungubanguba. I am in good health.


Lumya (-lumizza) v. Tr. Appl. 2 caus. Cause to bite/hurt, etc.; hurt with/by;injure; worry; disappoint. Ekyo kinumya nnyo omwoyo. This worries me a great deal. Ebigezo ebyalumya buli omu ogw’engulu, very difficult examinations, lit. Which made everyone bite the upper (lip, omumwa implied).


Kuluggusa (-kuluggusizza) v. Tr. Caus. Cause to flow away, wash away. Okukuluggusibwa kw’ettaka, erosion of the soil.


Lala (-laze) in anguish, suffer Omwoyo gundaze. I am in anguish.


Laza (-lazizza) v,i, cause to be in anguish. Kiraza mwoyo ng’ebbwa eridda mu nkovu. (prov.) It causes anguish to the heart, like a sore recurring in a scar.


lalusa (-lalusizza) v,tr, caus.madden, craze.


Lubanga pr,n, the name of Lubaale associated with the Gray Monkey Clan and the Oribi Antelope Clan.



Guluba (-gulubye) v.i. gallop, trot; skip cavort about, frolic cf. Kannagguluba.



Gulugulu also gguluggulu ideo. Commonly used with nywera and its derivatives. Very firmly, very tightly. Eccupa nnywevu be gulugulu. The bottle is tightly sealed. Kino kyange gulugulu. This is my very own.



Gulirira (-guliridde) appl. 2 keep buying, buy constantly; hire; bribe.



Gulaana (-gulaanye) v.i. recip. Buy from one another, barter, bargain.



Guba (-gubye) v.i be or become dirty/filthy/stained; be stunted; grow poorly; be badly cooked; become hardened/inured; be re-sistant to cleaning; become worn (e.g., of a path).



Gubira (-gubidde) v.i. & tr. Appl. Become dirty in, etc.; be hardened/inured to.

Nze emiggo nnagigubira dda. I have long since become accustomed to/ inured to beatings. Obudde bungubiridde. I am in trouble/difficulties/a trying situation.



Gubaasiira (-gubaasidde) v.i be dirty/filthy; look dirtyi. Cf.-gubaasiivu; guba.



Kikudumu, e- also ekikudumo ki/bi dregs in unstrained beer.



Kikufiri, e- (ki/bi) rare small tuft of hair.



Kikujjuko, e- (ki/bi) marvel, wonder, wonderful thing.


Kikukku adv. Alone.

The Uganda housing Slams in the city of Kampla
The chief of defence
forces, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, sent a card late last month inviting me to the 34th anniversary of the founding of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces. 

It was a patriotic act to invite an opposition MP to a military function. In my last years in the media, I, together with Andrew Mwenda and Frank Nyakairu, had been barred from attending any military function or visit a military installation. That is how I did not cover the passing out, (or was it a graduation?) of generals Salim Saleh, Elly Tumwine, David Tinyefuza, and Noble Mayombo (RIP) from the UPDF Senior Command and Staff College, Kimaka in 2005.


The UPDF spokesman then, Col Shaban Bantariza, turned down my request, saying he had been instructed not to allow me even near the function. Apart from Mayombo, who died shortly after the course, don’t ask me whether the others have added any value to the institution of the UPDF.


Therefore, by Katumba Wamala inviting me, I think the expressed mission of turning UPDF into a national army has not been after all lost. I guess every MP was issued with this invitation. But I think there was an extra motivation to invite me because I sit on the parliamentary committee on defence and internal affairs that supervises UPDF. 


Unfortunately for Katumba Wamala, celebrating the 34th anniversary of founding the UPDF, the so-called Tarehe Sita, negates the very purpose for which this invitation was issued to me and all other opposition MPs. I have extensively written about this subject in an earlier article.


February 6, 1981, is the day Museveni, together with Tumwine, Julius Chihandae, Fred Rwigyema and others attacked Kabamba barracks to loot guns so they could begin a war to remove Milton Obote from power. This UPDF that Katumba Wamala heads is a creation of the 1995 Constitution. It is, therefore, 20 years old and not 34. What is 34 years old is the guerilla outfit called National Resistance Army (NRA) that is no longer in existence.


It is through questioning the marking of days like this that one will understand the mindset of our revolutionary leader. He has denied us a chance to transit from the Luweero jungle mentality to a new order. I raised this matter in parliament last week and Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga summarily ruled me out of order. On that same day, parliament, for the first time I think in its history, refused to grant an MP a chance to introduce a private member’s bill.


The procedure is, you get parliament’s staff to help you print a bill, then you officially notify parliament by way of asking for what they call “leave” to prepare the bill.


That is what Dr Michael Lulume Bayiga did when he asked parliament to allow him prepare a bill called Presidential Transition. The NRM, led by new kid on the block Peter Ogwang, shouted a big no. Kadaga attempted to explain that this was more or less a ceremony. She noted that real work would begin when Bayiga tabled the bill to no avail.


That is how polarized this country has become.  I hear in Kyankwanzi, Kasule Lumumba, the new NRM secretary general, has vowed to fail the Bayiga bill because for them they have a “sole candidate.”


According to Lumumba, thinking or imagining another president other than Museveni is now criminal in the NRM. We are in for interesting times. Don’t blame Katumba Wamala, a former UNLA soldier, when he invites people to celebrate the formation of a guerilla outfit. The most important issue for the citizens is to continue noting incidents of looting and abuses going on under this regime.


I hope you have not forgotten that we officially spend Shs 8.5 billion every month on the war in South Sudan. This amount doesn’t include the wear and tear of our military equipment and the loss of soldiers deployed to keep a weak government in power. Mind you, we don’t have Shs 4 billion to repair scan and ultrasound machines in public hospitals!


Our army went to South Sudan in December 2013. It is now about 14 months since that deployment. This, by the way, means we have so far spent Shs 119 billion executing a war on behalf of a weak leader.


That is why our expenditure on the military has hit a Shs 1.1 trillion mark. Out of this, Shs 342 billion is classified expenditure. The ordinary soldier continues to languish in ramshackle structures as the bosses ride in the latest state-of-the-art Land Cruisers. The ordinary soldier continues to live in the Luweero jungle as the bosses enjoy the ‘heaven’.


Harnessing the collective strength of everybody suffering under this regime is what has eluded us these three decades. This is not the opposition’s sole responsibility; church leaders, Muslim leaders and civil society must all act. That is what should occupy us; but unfortunately, the media is feeding us on the Kyankwanzi menu.





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Part 1            A----B                                 3                  up to          38---39

Part 2            B----G                                 40—41          up to         86---87

Part 3            E-----K                                88—89          up to         136---137

Part 4            K-----K                                138—186      up to         186—187

Part 5            K-----K                                188---189      up to          236----237

Part 6            K-----L                                238---239       up to         286----287

Part 7            L----M                                 288---289       up to         338---339

Part 8            M---M                                 340---341       up to         390---391

Part 9            M---N                                 392---393       up to         440---441

Part 10          N----S                                 442---443      up to         492---493

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Part 12          T----W                                544---545       up to         594---595

Part 13          W---Z                                 596---597       up to         646---647

Part 14          Z----Z                                 648---649       up to         650---651

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Abayizi abasomera mu ttaka e Luuka Busoga Province, Uganda, bawuniikirizza ababaka ba Parliament ya Uganda:


Bya Donald Kiirya


Posted 4th March 2015


Abayizi nga bali ku ssomero lyabwe

ABABAKA ba palamenti baawuniikiridde bwe basanze abayizi mu masomero mangi nga basomera mu mbeera mbi okuviira ddala ku bizimbe ng’era bangi batuulira ddala ku ttaka nga basoma.

Ababaka b’akakiiko akavunaanyizibwa ku kulondoola omutindo gw’ebyenjigiriza aka Parliamentary Forum on Quality Education nga bali wamu n’ab’ekibiina ekigatta abasomesa ekya UNATO.

Ababaka b’akakiiko kano baakulembeddwaamu ssentebe w’akakiiko kano Rosemary Sseninde (mukazi Wakiso), omubaka omukazi owa disitulikiti y’e Luuka, Naume Kabule n’omuwandiisi wa UNATU, James Tweheyo ne babadduukirira n’ebikozesebwa mu kusoma omwabadde ebitabo n’ekkalaamu.    

Seninde  yategeezezza nti okudduukirira abayizi b’e Luuka kyaddiridde amawulire ga ‘Agataliiko Nfuuku’ ku ‘Bukedde TV’ 1 gye buvuddeko okulaga abayizi b’essomero lya Busiiro P/S erisangibwa mu ggombolola y’e Waibuga nga bawandiikira mu ttaka nga tebalina bitabo.

Ababaka nga batuuse ku ssomero lya Busiiro kyababuuseeko bwe baasangidde ddala ng’abayizi batuula ku ttaka nga n’ebibiina ebimu okwawulibwa kubirala kikoleddwa na ttundubaali.  Mu mbeera eno baawaliriziddwa n’okudduukirira amasomero amalala mu disitulikiti eno okuli; Nakabaale P/S, Kiremwa P/S saako ne Ikumbya P/S.


Seninde bwe yabadde ayogera eri abazadde abaakung’aanye, yabagambye nti bave mu kulowooza nti abaana be bazaala ba Pulezidenti Museveni ne beesamba okubalabirira.

Yabasabye okufaayo ku baana baabwe nga babagulira ebikozesebwa ku masomero omuli engatto, ebitabo, unifoomu n’ebintu ebirala ebyetaagisa nga basoma.

Yabawabudde nti okusomesa abaana baabwe baba ng’abasiga nti bwe bataakikole bajja kukungula ssere.

Yabasabye bakole n’akakiiko akanaakangavvula abazadde abatasindika baana ku masomero ne basalawo okubasindika okukola obupakasi mu masamba g’ebikajjo.

Akulira essomero lya Busiiro P/S, Sarah Makumbi yategeezezza nti ebizimbe abayizi mwe basomera bikadde binaatera kugwiira baana ng’ekimu enkuba yakitikkulako akasolya omwaka oguwedde kwe kusaba ababaka ba Palamenti baddukirire essomero.