The construction government subsidy must be initiated as more buildings are put up in the African city of Kampala


The building sector in Uganda has experienced a noticeable boom in the past 15 years, and also recently because we are slated to host the 2007 Commonwealth Head of Governments Meeting.
In the midst of this growth, however, it seems that the number of buildings being constructed has well surpassed the number of good builders. The result is that our buildings are more of death traps than shelter. Not very long ago a hotel under construction collapsed along Entebbe Road, burying ied many workers alive. Then comes the double tragedy on Wednesday, March 8, 2006.

Over 20 people were killed in a church building and two workers buried at a hotel construction site! After the Entebbe disaster, the Government set up a commission of inquiry.

The poor and dangerous standard of building in the city of Kampala

Will it set up another one? What really perturbs me is the business-as-usual attitude of our bureaucrats. Granted, most of the political heads have been or are still embroiled in campaigns but civil servants like the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Works and the town clerk, Kampala need to stop warming their seats.

So many hotels are mushrooming in the rush to get ready for the Commonwealth meeting but are we going to wait for delegates to reject them before there is a problem, or shall we wait for one of them to collapse on guests? We urgently need a quality assurance system instituted in the building industry. It should also not be too much for the authorities to know where big buildings like hotels or churches are located. It seems death no longer moves us to admit and correct glaring wrongs in the society.