Kabaka akyusizza ennyimba y'ekitiibwa kya Buganda

By Dickson Kulumba

Added 31st January 2017

KABAKA Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II asiimye era n'akakasa ennyimba enaagobererwanga mu kuyimba Ekitiibwa kya Buganda ng'eyawuddwamu ebiti bisatu.

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II ng'awuubira Obuganda. EKIF: DICKSON KULUMBA

Ennyimba esooka; ebitundu by'oluyimba luno ebitaano byakumalibwangayo ku mikolo okuli okujjukira Amatikkira ga Kabaka, okuggulawo olukiiko lwa Buganda n'okukuza Amazaalibwa ga Kabaka.

Bino byayanjuddwa Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga bwe yabadde alambulira Obuganda ebigenda mu maaso nga yasinzidde mu Lukiiko lwa Buganda olwatudde ku Mmande ya wiiki eno January 30, 2017 e Bulange - Mmengo.

Mayiga yagambye nti ennyimba eyookubiri mwe muli emikolo okuyimbirwa ebitundu bisatu: ekisooka, ekyokuna n'ekyokutaano nga gyegyo Kabaka gy'alabikako ng'oggyeeko egimenyeddwa waggulu.

Ate ennyimba eyookusatu y'enaaberanga ku mikolo emirala gyonna egya Buganda nga gya kuyimbirwangako ebitundu bibiri nga gitandika; Ekisooka (Okuva edda n'edda…) n'ekyokuna (Nze nnaayimba ntya ne sitenda….) ate mu kuggalawo, ekitundu ekisembayo ( Katonda omulungi ow'ekisa…), kiyimbibwenga.

Mu ngeri y'emu, Mayiga yagambye nti omwaka guno Obwakabaka bugenda kuteeka amaanyi mu bulimu bw'emmwanyi mu ηηombo etuumiddwa  'EMMWANYI TERIMBA'.

" Omwaka guno tuluubirira okusimba endokwa obukadde butaano.


Ffe nga Abaganda abanyumirwa okuyimbira ensi nyaffe oluyimba tujja kusigala nga tuyimba nga bwetusobodde ebitundu byonna ebyoluyimba lwe ggwanga lyaffe Buganda. Kumikolo egiwera wano e Buganda a baganda banaffe Abakungu nga ne Bakatikkiro, Abalangira, Nabambejja mwobatadde batono ddala abayimba oluyimba lweggwanga mubantu bebakulembera. Balinga ne Queen wa Bungereza atayimba nako oluyimba olweggwanga lye erya Bungereza. Asirika be che baserikale be nebamuyimbira ko!






Onomulaba Ebitumbwe



Bwobeera ggwe bwakwatula






Talya nkima-takombako



Talya dduma



Senya enku- Twokye enyama



Mugema bwafa

Kudda mulala



Tweddira nkima






Part of Nsambya Police barracks


A number of landlords have secured court orders to evict government institutions and repossess their properties, The Observer has learnt.


The impending evictions follow government’s failure to pay ground rent arrears totaling billions of shillings to the landowners. The institutions that face eviction include public universities, hospitals, Uganda Prisons, Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute, schools and farm institutes, among others.


The embattled landlords include Kampala archdiocese, which is demanding more than $74m (Shs 218bn) over the land currently housing Nsambya police barracks. Leaders of the Catholic Church have been meeting President Museveni over the debt, especially after learning that government planned to give away the land to investors.


During their most recent meeting, church leaders told Museveni that they needed the money to prepare for Pope Francis’ anticipated visit to the country. Other units facing evictions include Buwama and Mityana police stations.


“The pre-colonial governments and first post-colonial governments entered into contractual agreements with privately- registered landlords, and took over their land due to its strategic location for the establishment of infrastructure for government institutions,” an official at the Lands ministry told The Observer this week.



To address this looming quagmire, government recently set up a cabinet subcommittee chaired by the minister for Local Government, Adolf Mwesige. Other officials on the subcommittee are Bright Rwamirama, the state minister for Animal Industry; Daudi Migereko, the minister for Lands; and Henry Banyenzaki, the minister of state for Economic Monitoring in the President’s office, and a representative from the Uganda Land Commission.


On Wednesday, President Museveni told cabinet that government needed to move fast and avert what would amount to a crisis.  He said there was need to renegotiate some of the agreements government signed with the owners of land, occupied by the affected public institutions. The matter was not concluded, our sources said, and was pushed to the next meeting scheduled for March 4.


Sources added that the Mwesige-led committee is expected to advise government on how it can avert the eviction. Migereko told The Observer yesterday that government had taken on short and medium-term strategies to address the problem.


“The problem has not been attended to for a long time but government has now realized that it is a serious issue and all efforts are being made to find a long-lasting solution,” the minister said.


“It [eviction] is an area of concern. Matters are still in cabinet. Cabinet is going to come out with a clear sustainable solution of land for government programmes and departments,” he said by telephone.


Auditor General John Muwanga recently accused district land boards and accounting officers of various government departments and agencies of failing to protect land under their control.


The auditor general said government officials were conniving with unscrupulous people to steal government land. Similar claims were made last year by Idah Nantaba, the minister of state for Lands, who accused some officials at the ministry of conniving with the mafias to grab government land.


Indeed, one of the mandates of the cabinet subcommittee will be to scrutinize reports that some of the people claiming to be owners of the land may in fact be “mafias” out to get land titles, which are later used to grab government land under unclear circumstances.


Rwamirama told us this week that they will reverse any decisions made by the Uganda Land Commission that gave land to private individuals under dubious circumstances. 

During Wednesday’s cabinet meeting at State House Entebbe, Migereko is reported to have tabled documents that showed that the alleged mafias are indeed private landlords who want to take back their land from government.



The Observer has learnt that government has already lost the Mukono district farm institute (DFI) land at Ntaawo, which was re-entered by Church of Uganda. The church has also secured court orders to re-enter part of the land on which Makerere University’s college of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-security stands because government failed to pay more than Shs 333m in ground rent arrears.


An unnamed private landlord has also secured a court order to re-enter his land occupied by Mityana police station.The Observer has also seen documents indicating that government, through similar court orders, has lost part of Kawanda agricultural research station land at Ssenge in Wakiso district and Njeru stock farm, which was retaken by the Ham Mukasa family.


On May 9, 2014, in an attempt to avert the repossessions, Migereko wrote to Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka and Attorney General Peter Nyombi and urged them to intervene.


Without any responses from government, the landlords ran to courts and secured orders to repossess their land. Migereko has reportedly blocked the re-entries, forcing the landlords back to court to commit the commissioner for Land registration Sarah Kulata to civil prison for contempt of court.





The Honouarable President of Uganda in the  United Nations of 

today 20/09/2016:

He is still travelling in a private executive jet, but has a population at home of 90% walking barefoot.

Yet this Excellency may be trying to compete with Reagan and Golbachev to show that he, too, is an Excellency"

This is a verbatim extract of the speech Mr Museveni made on the steps of Uganda Parliament, after being sworn in as president on 26th Jan 1986.

Mr Museveni has just arrived in New York for this year's (2016) United Nations General Assembly meeting in the latest model of Gulf Stream 5 Executive Presidential Jet. This is more than 30 years when he made that speech!

Not only has he left home a barefoot population, but some are dying of hunger! 84% youth are unemployed; 19 women are dying, needlessly, in childbirth daily; young doctors (interns) are on strike because they aren't paid; an epidemic of jiggers looms in parts of the country; 75% children drop out of primary schools due to pathetic state of education standards etc, etc.

In 1986, I, too, stood at the stairs of parliament as Mr M7 swore-in as president and made that speech. Back then, we were found of saying, rightly, that shame is a revolutionary sentiment.

I'll not just be ashamed at having been a part of the "pathetic spectacle" that we continue to witness, I'll not rest until it's overcome. That's the least that I can do.



Kyeyo aba NRM bakulisizza Museveni ekisanja ekyo mukaaga:

By Musasi wa Bukedde

Added 6th June 2016

Ssentebe w’ekibiina ekigatta Bannayuganda ababeera mu mawanga ag’ebweru, Abbey Walusimbi ku lwa banne bakulisizza Pulezidenti Museveni okuwangula akalulu n’okulayizibwa ku kisanja ekyomukaaga.

Pulezidenti Museveni ng'abuuza ku bamu bankubakyeyo ebweru wa Uganda, abawagira ekibiina kyobufuzi ekya NRM.

Walusimbi era yeebazizza ttiimu ya Bannayuganda ababeera ebweru abaasobola okukomawo kuno mu biseera bya kampeyini ne banoonyeza NRM akalulu.

Yagambye nti essira kati bagenda kulissa ku kukunga bamusigansimbi okujja mu Uganda bazimbe amakolero n’okuyamba ku Pulezidenti Museveni okulaba ng’atuukiriza manifesito ye naddala okulwanyisa obwavu nga bafunira abantu emirimu.

Yawadde amagezi nti akalulu kaawedde, kati abantu beemalire ku mirimu gyabwe era batunuulire ebyo byokka ebibagatta okulaba nga buli omu akola yeekulaakulanye.

Walusimbi yeebazizza Ssaabawandiisi wa NRM, Kasule Lumumba olw’obuwagizi bw’abawa okukola emirimu gy’ekibiina.

Yasiimye abaakakiiko akafuzi b’akola nabo olw’okutuukiriza obuvunaanyizibwa nga kuno kuliko; Fred Opolot ng’ono ye mumyukawe, P. Magomu, H. Kibirige, C.Baira, B.Ssekamatte, Male Kamya, B.Musisi, E.Kironde, S.Mugamba, Dr. K. Kiwanuka, P. Kimera, J. Mpologoma, H. Namakula.

Abalala kuliko; H. Wasswa, J.Ssenyonga, S. Kasujja, P. Ssenyonga, D.Wakame, H. Mbabazi.

Walusimbi yeebazizza ne banne abatwala amawanga ag’enjawulo okuli Haji Ssempijja Tembo ow’e South Afrika, North Amerika, Judith Businge, Obugwanjuba bwa Bulaaya, Patrick Asiimwe, n’abalala.

The exensive

Internet Revolution should get cheaper for the African poor citizens on the African continent:


Cost of unlimited Internet access in Kampala could drop to as low as Shs 1,000 a day

Only a small fraction of Ugandans is connected to the Internet, with the vast majority losing out on the immense opportunities that the Internet is providing to billions of people worldwide.

Currently, the total number of internet users in Uganda is estimated at just over 6.8 million in a population of about 40 million. Compared with the voice penetration of 53%, data penetration is still very low at just 25%, according to data from the Uganda Communications Commission.

The poor accessibility rates are mainly attributed to high cost and poor network coverage. However, this is now bound to change for the better after technology giant Google launched Project Link in Uganda to bring faster and world-class Internet services.

Following the successful completion of a metro fiber network in Kampala city, the company has launched a Wi-Fi ‘hotzone’ network to improve the quality and affordability of wireless access, geared towards meeting the bandwidth demands of Kampala’s growing number of smart phone owners. In partnership with Roke Telecom, more than 100 hotzones, dubbed ‘Rokespots,’ have been launched around Kampala where users can access affordable and high speed mobile internet connections.

In recent years, telecom giants MTN Uganda, Airtel, Smile telecom, Africell and Vodafone have also invested heavily in setting up 4G infrastructure. MTN Uganda in particular has already unveiled its extensive 4G network countrywide, extending the latest broadband technology to major towns – totaling more than 75 4G network sites, in addition to thousands of 2G and 3G.

Google is also venturing into providing wholesale last-mile Wi-Fi access with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) like MTN to leverage on its fibre infrastructure to bring high-quality Wi-Fi to homeowners, small businesses and mobile users on-the-go.

Speaking at the launch on Dec.03, 2015, Roke Telkom officials said the initiative is helping to connect more people to fast and affordable broadband Internet.

The Wi-Fi hotzone network is helping to equip MNOs and ISPs with shared infrastructure that they desperate need to deliver improved services to end users. Ela Beres, who heads the Wi-Fi effort, said with the help of Project Link’s new Wi-Fi hotzone network, ISPs around Kampala would have access to shared infrastructure that can help them enhance their Wi-Fi services and meet the bandwidth needs of the city dwellers. He added that local providers can use the new network to bring Wi-Fi to people on-the-go in the city’s busiest locations such as the taxi parks, hostels, shopping malls, pubs, restaurants and arcades.

Roger Sekaziga, the Roke Telkcom CEO, said Uganda has lately experienced phenomenal growth in demand for Internet, fuelled by the advent of low-cost smart phones.

“Project Link’s Wi-Fi network allows us to deliver cheaper and more reliable Wi-Fi service to a quickly-growing, often underserved market segment,” he added.  To owners of the facilities, cheap high speed internet offers more opportunities for customers.  The service has different price categories, ranging from Shs 1,000 per day to Shs 18,000 per month.

Officials said going forward, the company plans to install wifi on all public transport vehicles. For Roke Telkom, which has been in operation for over ten years, the partnership with Google to implement Project Link could give it a big headway in the data market place. Google, which started as a search engine over two decades ago, has over the years emerged as a global technology giant. Its push in developing countries has seen it test out innovative ways of ameliorating connectivity challenges.  With the introduction of 3G and LTE networks, the company is targeting to provide the ‘last-mile’ link to connect remote locations to the fiber networks that connect countries and whole continents.

Since Uganda was connected to the sea cables seven years ago, prices of international bandwidth have fallen compared to the last decade, but the retail tariffs of broadband have remained relatively out of reach for millions of potential internet users.

But as mobile phone devices evolve thus giving consumers various services beyond voice and text messages, data has over time become a key frontier for telecom companies as consumers take advantage of cheaper means of communication over more convenient social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and to deliver audio, video, and other media content over the Internet.

On a wider scale, the implementers of Project Link see it as causing a revolution in how whole industries and sectors operate and how services are provided to the citizens.- See more at: http://www.



Poor African governments seem to find it as a way of collecting easy money as tax from this technology.

Milking the cow without giving it pasture.

Ongwen, the Freedom fighter or The modern African Liberation bush fighter. His trial now is under the  I.C.Court. This European Court of universal human rights has named three judges to preside over this African case.

Mr Ongwen of the Acholi tribe of Northern Uganda.
By Yasiin Mugerwa

Posted  Thursday, January 22  2015 


Kampala, Uganda-

A day after Dominic Ongwen, a top Christian-Catholic LRA commander, was transferred to The Hague to face charges for a variety of war crimes, the International Criminal Court named three high profile judges to handle his trial.

The ICC presidency yesterday named a Bulgarian judge with a decade-long experience in international criminal law, a Belgian judge with a background in international and comparative criminal law, and an experienced Italian prosecutor to form a three-person coram.

The ICC prosecutor indicated Ongwen will “in the next few days” appear before the Pre-Trial Chamber II composed of Judge Ekaterina Trendafilova (Bulgaria), Presiding Judge, Judge Christine Van den Wyngaert (Belgium), and Judge Cuno Tarfusser (Italy).

Daily Monitor understands that one of the Judges (Trendafilova) was the Presiding Judge in the previous proceedings in the situations of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the neighbouring Kenya; the Prosecutor v. Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo and the Prosecutor v. William Ruto et al, respectively.

The government this week announced that international lawyers had approached it showing interest to represent Ongwen, who recently surrendered to the American troops in Central African Republic.

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda yesterday said in a statement, Ongwen’s transfer to The Hague brings the court one step closer to ending the LRA’s reign of terror in the African Great Lakes region.

She said the LRA has reportedly killed tens of thousands and displaced millions of people, terrorised civilians, abducted children and forced them to kill and serve as sex slaves. They have hacked off limbs and horribly disfigured men, women and children.

“My investigation demonstrates that Dominic Ongwen served as a high ranking commander within the LRA and that he is amongst those who bear the greatest responsibility for crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC,” Ms Fatou Bensouda stated.

She added: “I urge all others [rebels] that still remain within LRA ranks to abandon violence; stop committing crimes, and follow the bold steps of others before you,”

Governments hailed

On behalf of the Court, the Registrar of the ICC, Mr Herman von Hebel ,yesterday applauded Ongwen’s transfer to The Hague and sought to assure the victims of the 21-year-insurgency in northern Uganda that in order to dispense justice all efforts will made to ensure that they get a lawyer who will tell their story.

He saluted “the persistent efforts” of the government of Uganda, the government of the Central African Republic, the Uganda People’s Defense Force, the African Union Regional Task Force who all put pressure on the rebels until Ongwen’s surrender.



Omubaka wa Amerika mu Uganda akubirizza Abasiraamu okwegatta
Jan 22, 2015


OMUBAKA wa Amerika mu Uganda Scott H. DeLisi akubirizza abavubuka Abasiraamu okwegatta awatali kusosola mu mawanga n’okukolerera emirembe.

Bino bibadde mu lukungaana olwatuuziddwa abavubuka Abasiraamu abeegattira mu kibiina kya Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum nga lugendereddwamu okutongoza ekibiina ky’abavubuka Abasiramu eky’awamu ekimanyiddwa nga ‘Inaugural Youth Leadership Camp ‘olwatuuziddwa ku Lwokusatu ku Mariam High e Kisaasi, olwetabiddwamu abavubuka Abasiramu ab’omu Uganda n’ab’e Somalia.

Scott yakubirizza abavubuka bano okwenyigira mu mirimu egy’enjawulo n’okuyamba abalina obwetaavu nga bakozesa ebitone n’obusobozi bwe balina.

Olukung’aana luno lwacamudde nnyo abavubuka Abasomali abadduka mu nsi yaabwe ng’entalo zitandise. Scott yategeezezza nti America ekola kyonna ekisoboka okulaba nga Somalia eddamu okutebenkera.

Yagambye nti mu nkola ya Pulezidenti Obama, amawanga gonna bwe gabeeramu emirembe ne Amerika ebeeramu emirembe, kyokka amawanga nga Somalia bwe gatabanguka ne Amerika kigikosa nnyo.

Daniel Travis omwogezi w’ekitebe kya Amerika yagambye nti balina enteekateka empya ze bakola okulaba nga Abasomali abali kuno babangulwa mu Lungereza okusobola okweyagalira mu ggwanga kubanga ebiseera ebisinga bazibuwaliddwa obulamu olw’obutamanya lulimi.

We shall not cater for Ongwen’s children - ICC: 

Ongwen’s relatives

Ongwen’s relatives at their home in Coo-rom village in Lamgoi Sub-county.




Posted  Saturday, February 7   2015 


The International Criminal Court (ICC) Field Outreach Coordinator for Kenya and Uganda, Ms Maria Mabinty Kamara, has rejected calls by relatives of indicted LRA commander Dominic Ongwen to cater for his children.

Ms Kamara was responding to a question during a press briefing in Gulu Town on Wednesday on whether the ICC would help Ongwen’s family. She said ICC can only, at an appropriate time under the rules of the court, facilitate the family to visit Ongwen at The Hague.

Ongwen is among the top five LRA commanders who were indicted by the ICC in 2005 for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Others are LRA leader Joseph Kony and his deputies: Vincent Otti, Okot Odhiambo, and Raska Lukwiya.

Ongwen, who surrendered early last month in Central African Republic (CAR), appeared in the dock at the ICC on January 26, where seven counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes were read against him.

His relatives had earlier asked the Uganda government and ICC to cater for his children.

One of his brothers, Mr Christopher Kilama, said the family was overwhelmed with the burden of taking care of Ongwen’s four children because they have their own.

However, Ms Kamara said the ICC has a trust fund which has been providing interim assistance to victims of the LRA war but not their relatives. She said the ICC has established at least 18 projects in the region under the Victims Trust Fund.

“Over 40 million people in the region benefited from the trust fund. Some of them were provided with microfinance, prosthetic, and plastic surgery, especially for mutilated victims,” said Ms Kamara. 

She said Mr Ongwen’s relatives can only be assisted to visit him at The Hague at an appropriate time.

who is ongwen?

• Said to have been abducted by LRA, aged 10, as he walked to school in northern Uganda

• Rose to become a top commander

• Accused of crimes against humanity, including enslavement

• ICC issued arrest warrant in 2005

• Rumoured to have been killed in the same year

• US offered $5m (£3.3m) reward for information leading to his arrest in 2013.

Ono witch doctor ate nga akulira eddini e Bujagali munsi ye Busoga, Uganda aziikiddwa mu matumbibudde


By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 6th November 2019


AB’ENZIKIRIZA y’Abaswezi mu Busoga bakoze obulombolombo ku mulambo gwa jjajjaabwe Nabamba Bujagali mu kuziika kwe okwabaddewo mu matumbibudde.

Omulambo gwe baabadde bazinze mu lubugo baagufulumizza ennyumba ku ssaawa 8:00 zennyini ez’ekiro. Baagusitudde nga bayisaawo akaseera ne baguwummuzaamu olwo ne bayimba. Kino baakikoze okumala eddakiika ng’asatu ne balyoka bamuziika.

Abacwezi n’abaziisi abalala babadde baakungaanira mu maka g’omugenzi ku kyalo Bujagali mu ggombolola y’e Budondo mu disitulikiti y’e Jinja ku Ssande. Baamuziise mu kiro ekyakeesezza Mmande.

Waasoose kubeerawo okusabira omwoyo gw’omugenzi emisana nga kwetabiddwaamu bannabyabufuzi, abakozi ba gavumenti n’abakungu okuva mu Bwakyabazinga bwa Busoga abaakulembeddwa Katuukiro wa Busoga, Dr. Joseph Muvawala.


Engoma zaasiibye zisindogoma n’ekiro okuva ku ssaawa emu n’okweyongerayo era bwe zaakoonye essaawa 8:00 ez’ekiro, Abaswezi ne bongeramu engoma era abaabadde beebase ne basituka olwo ne bafulumya omulambo gwa Bujagali okuva mu nnyumba ye.

Abalala baabadde bakutte ebiso ne bakola obulombolombo bwabwe okwabadde okwecanga n’okuzina okwetooloola omulambo n’okwerula ekkubo mwe baabadde bagenda okuguyisa okutuuka ku ntaana.

Abaabadde bagusitudde kwabaddeko Abacwezi abasajja n’abakazi nga bonna ebifuba babitadde

Bwe baatuuse ku ntaana, abacwezi nga bakulemberwa Waiswa Muyiri ne Ibanda Nasser beetoolodde entaana eyabadde ebikkiddwaako olubugo era baalubikkudde olwo ne bamuziika.

Wano abakungubazi baalabiddwa nga bakutte ebiso nga bafukamidde okwetooloola entaana nga babiwanika mu bbanga n’okubifumita mu bbanga.



Olwamaze okuziika, engoma n’amazina g’Abacwezi ne biddamu okutuusa ku makya.


Okusaba kuno kwakulembeddwamu Ssaabakabona Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa nga ano y’akulembera enzikiriza ya ba ‘Tondism’ era yabadde ne mukyala we Ssenga Kulanama.

Mu kusooka waabaddewo okusika omuguwa wakati w’abagoberezi ba Ssaabakabona n’aba Ssaabakkiriza Ssaalongo Mukasa Mutyaba ku ani anaakulembera okuwonga omwoyo gwa Bujagali era nga Mutyaba n’abagoberezi be baabalemesezza ne bakkakkana.

Aligaweesa ye yasoose okuyingirawo n’abagoberezi n’atuula mu weema ne Kulanama n’ayingirawo ng’akulembeddwa abazaana be babiri nga bakutte ekipande ekiriko obubaka obusiibula Bujagali.

Bwe waayiseewo akaseera, Mutyaba naye nga anekedde mu byambalo bye n’ajja kyokka nga atambulira ku mikeeka, embugo ne leesu ze baabadde bamwaliridde okutambulirako era yatuuziddwa mu weema endala.

Abalala abeetabye ku mukolo guno kwabaddeko Katukiro wa Busoga Dr. Joseph Muvawala, baminisita ba Busoga okwabadde Mafumo, Ntange ne Wakalali, Salaamu Musumba owa FDC, minisita Moses Kizige eyawaddeyo obukadde 10 ez’amabugo, Kasaijja Agwanga Valentine n’abalala bangi.


Owange, bano bakambwe nyo, kyelaga kyokka nga Omuzungu Angalican Bishop Hove James Hannington eyazalibwa nga 3 September, 1847 ate Abasoga nebamutta nga 29 October 1885 kunzikiriza nga zino ezetabiddwamu Abacwezi Nabasoga(Bakanywa musayi). Yali taluwona. Ate kibi nti abamutta nebawayiriza Ssekabaka Mwanga nti nga bweyali atta abamulyamu olukwe wano e Buganda mu myaka egyo, nti ye yeyabalagira okutta Omuzungu ono eyali awezzeza emyaka 38 egyobukulu! Bamutematema ebiso nebijambiya awamu nabaana Abasoga, beyali ayigiriza okukkiriza Obu Christayo mubitundu byensi ye Busoga. Kitalo nyo.






Kidnapped Ethiopian kids could be sold

The innocent African kids suffering it out


From ADANE BIKILA in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 17 October 2016

ETHIOPIA, Addis Ababa, (CAJ News)

SIX months after their kidnapping, hopes are diminishing more than 60 children armed militias abducted from Ethiopia will be rescued.

They are believed to have been forcibly moved across the border to South Sudan after their abduction from the Gambella region west of Ethiopia.

It is feared the 68 children, all aged below 13, are at risk of being sold and exploited by their captors. Some 26 children from the Anywa ethnic minority abducted in previous raids earlier are also still unaccounted for.

“The abduction and ensuing sale and exploitation of children are abhorrent violations of the rights of the child,” said the United Nations special rapporteur on the sale of children, Maud de Boer-Buquicchio.

Worryingly, there is a growing pattern of armed groups targeting civilians, and in particular children, with a complete disregard for international humanitarian law and in complete impunity.

In Gambella, the militants kidnapped 159 children in an attack that left 208 people dead, 80 wounded and some 2 000 cattle stolen.

However, 91 children were rescued through the concerted efforts of Ethiopian and South Sudanese authorities. However, since then, rescue operations have reportedly stopped.

UN special rapporteur on summary executions, Agnes Callamard, urged both countries to address ethnic violence and prevent the recurrence of such attacks.

The UN experts urged the international community to assist both governments in search of the kidnapped children and necessary support to victims.


Mulago hospital sued over missing baby


The Attorney General Peter Nyombi, Dr Byarugaba Baterana, the executive director of Mulago hospital, and Fred Lubega, the doctor who took care of the child’s mother, are listed as respondents. In the suit filed at the High court civil division, Gorrett Kajumba and Samuel Egesa, the parents of the missing baby, claim that as result of the negligent actions of the respondents, the baby was stolen from the hospital in December 2012.

Through Kinobe, Mutyaba and Turinawe Advocates, the couple claim that on December 3, 2012, Kajumba was admitted to Mulago hospital in maternity ward 5BP.

“That the first plaintiff [Kajumba] gave birth by caesarean section to a baby girl on the fourth day of December 2012, who was alive, cried and was even shown to the first plaintiff in the theatre before she was taken away by the midwives,” the plaint partly reads.

After the birth of the baby, the parents say the midwife asked Kajumba whether she had an attendant, to which she said no.

“That the midwives scolded her [Kajumba] and told her that they would take her baby to the nursery where the first plaintiff would find her after [leaving] the theatre,” the couple claims.

When she came from the theatre and asked to see her baby, Kajumba says the nurses ignored her.

“That on the Thursday the 10th  of December 2012, the first plaintiff in excruciating pain walked to the special care unit where the baby had been taken and sought to see her child and breastfeed her….But the nurse at the special care unit…denied her access to the special care unit and told her to go back to the ward and get a form from the nurses to show that she had given birth,” they claim.

The parents say that the same nurse in total disregard of Kajumba’s emotions and physical wellbeing shouted at her. She told her that her child had died the day before December 4, 2012. Subsequently, Kajumba asked for the child’s body and she was told it had been buried.

“That the first plaintiff was further baffled that no medical personnel was explaining to her what had happened to her baby and who had given them permission to bury her baby without informing her,” they say.

The couple said Kajumba was discharged from the hospital without her baby. At home, Kajumba’s relatives read the medical documents. They found out that the discharge form indicated that the baby was alive and that Kajumba had been discharged with the girl.

Kajumba returned to Mulago where a certain doctor advised her to check with the mortuary for her baby.

“That at the mortuary the askari [gateman] helped the first plaintiff to ask for the death certificate showing that the plaintiff’s baby had died. There was no such certificate but the receptionist arrogantly told her that her child was long gone and there was nothing she could do about it,” they allege.

The parents claim that the matter was brought to the attention of the hospital director Baterana, who promised to investigate. Up to date, they claim, the director has not revealed the results of his investigations.

The parents say that since the incident happened, Kajumba has developed hypertension, migraine and stomach bloating. She cannot work, they say. Enock Kusasira, the hospital spokesperson, couldn’t be reached for comment. His known phone number was off. 







Munsi ya Buganda, Bani bano abasaddaaka abantu e Buikwe?


Kampala | Nov 05, 2015


Bangi be basaddaaka babasuula mu mugga Mubeeya.

BW’OBA oli mukulembezee Buikwe, nga tugenda mu kalulu, oteekwa kuba mweraliikirivu. Anti ekisaddaakabaana  ekicaase e Buikwe buli omu kimweraliikirizza.


KALONDOOZI WA BUKEDDE alaze abali emabega w’ebikolobero bino.


EKISADDAAKA BANTU mu disitulikiti y’e Buikwe kyeyongedde! Era wonna mu nkngaana mu masinzizo, ku mbaga oba nnyimbe, abakulembeze bawulirwa nga bafalaasira abazadde okulondoola abaana baabwe sikulwa babasaddaaka!

Kyokka ekyennyamiza kwe kuba nti tebasaddaaka baana bato bokka, n’abantu abakulu babasala nga mbuzi!

Ssentebe wa Disitulikiti y’e Buikwe, Mathias Kigongo agenda akunga buli omu okulwanyisa ekisaddaakabantu kuba kyonoona erinnya ly’ekitundu. Ssentebe Kigongo yasinzidde mu lukiiko olwayitiddwa okuteesa ku bajeti n’agamba nti, “Weewuunya abantu kye baagala. Buli gwe batta bamusala bulago olwo ne bamukekejjulako ebitundu by’omubiri gwe ebimu!”

 Omumyuka wa RDC e Buikwe,  Emmy Mitala ye yagambye nti abantu b’e Buikwe basaanye beggyemu endowooza nti obugagga buva mu kusaddaaka. “Weebuuze nti singa ono gwe nsaddaaka mwana wange? Ani yabagamba nti eriyo ssaddaaka y’abantu?”, bwe yabuuzizza.

 Omuduumizi wa Poliisi mu kitundu ekya Ssezibwa Deo Obura yagambye nti bangi be basaddaaka babasuula mu Mabira ne mu masamba g’ebikajjo.

“Nze nnaakajja naye lwe natuuka ne ntandika okulaba emirambo nga gigwa! Abatuuze  bakolagane ne Poliisi  ate buli omu abeere mbega wa munne lwe tujja okulwanyisa ekisaddaakabantu,” bwe yagambye.



Ekizibu ekiri mu kitundu  kino ekya Kyaggwe ey’ebuvanjuba n’amasekkati kwe kuba nti basaddaaka abantu kyokka abalala babatta ne babalya!

Okusaddaaka n’okulya abantu kubadde nnyo mu Ssaza ly’e Buikwe  ne mu ggombolola y’e Naggojje e Mukono.

Buikwe bwe yali  yeekutula ku Mukono, Ssentebe wa LC 5, Lukooya Mukoome yasinziira ku mukolo gw’okutongoza Buikwe n’ayogera ensonga bbiri ezituukiridde. Yagamba nti, ‘Abantu ababadde batabangula Mukono tubawonye kuba bonna bazze Buikwe era ssinga temubeegendereza, Disitulikiti y’e Buikwe tegenda kukula.

Ebikolobero byonna bye babadde boogerera Mukono biva ludda lw’eno e Buikwe,  e Mukono togenda kuddamu kuwulirayo bya kusaddaaka baana.’

We yayogerera ebyo nga waakayita ebbanga ttono bukya basaddaaka omwana Shamim Namukenye ne bamusonseka mu kiswa e Wakisi.

Mukwaya baabadde bamusaddaakira Naggojje.

Ebiri emabega w’okusaddaaka abantu e Buikwe


Abantu nga batunulira emirambo ejisuliddwa mu mugga Mubeeya, e Buikwe


Mwattu nabo baasooka kulya ku nnyama enkalirire, baakizuula luvannyuma ku nnyama eyali ebikkiddwa mu ndagala nga bali ku mwana bakavvula!

MU 2001, omulambo gw’omwana  Kiwanuka eyaggyibwa mu bitundu by’e Gaba gye yali afiiridde n’aziikibwa e Kasana mu ggombolola y’e Nagojje, omuvubuka Sseruwu yaamuziikulayo abakozi mu ssamba y’ebikajjo ne bamugwikiriza ng’akalirira omulambo!

Seruwu yatwalibwa e Butabika n’asibwa ebbanga ttono, bwe yavaayo abatuuze ne bamuggya mu nju ye ekiro ne bamuttira mu sitenseni nga batya nti ajja kubaliira abaana baabwe!

Ne mu 1929, abasajja basatu okuli Kawuulu, Leo Lubaluka ne Mmaali Nsizabazungu baalya omuwala Dalia ow’e Kigenda eyali ava okusoma omugigi e Kalagala mu ggombolola y’e Ngogwe

Naye bano bo baali baava  Buddu  nga bajja kutunda mbugo zaabwe. Baabawanika ku kalabba mu maaso g’abantu e Malongwe  nga na kati ekifo ekyo kiyitibwa Kawuulu.


Omuvubuka kanaabe, Ssenyondo ow’e Bulyantete baamusanga ku luzzi ne bamusalako ebitundu by’ekyaama n’ebirala, omulambo ne bagusuula  mu bikajjo, abaamutta tewali yakwatibwa

Omwaka oguwedde  ku kyalo Mawotto mu ggombolola y’e Najja, Mariam Nabiryo (6) eyali abeera ne jjajjaawe Edisa Bakanansa, baamusaddaaka ekiwuduwudu ne bakikasuka mu nnimiro.

Abantu mu bunyiivu baasaanyaawo amayumba, amaduuka n’ensuku z’omutuuze gwe baateebereza okusaddaaka Nabiryo

Lukamya Moses (13) ow’oku kyalo Kabula mu ggombolola y’e Najjembe naye yasaddaakibwa. Baamusalako  omutwe ne bagenda nagwo.

E Nagojje ku kyalo Masika, omwana Robert Mukwaya yasimattuka. Abantu  baasanga kasajjakattu bakasaze obulago nga balembeka musaayi emmanju w’enju ya jjajjaawe.

Jjajjaawe Yowanina Nakyoni yali agenzeeko ku klezia okusaba ne banne bwe bataasobola kulamaga Namugongo, amawulire gye gaamusanga naye abatemu badduka!

Omwaka guno, mukazimukulu omu yasangibwa mu loogi e Lugazi nga bamukozeeko ebikolobero, yafiira mu ddwaaliro e Kawolo. Yabulwako ababe ne bamuziika mu limbo, naye mu mbugo nga waliwo abatemu bye baasonsekayo!

Omwezi oguwedde, omuwala yasangiddwa mu mugga Mubeeya e Baamungaya mu ggombolola y’e Najjembe  nga bamusaze obulago ne babaako bye bamuggyamu!  Yabulwako ababe era naye n’aziikibwa mu limbo.

Ne mukazimukulu Sauda Nakazibwe yasimattuse okusaddaakibwa bba  Musa Lubadde, omusawo w’ekinnansi ku kyaalo Luyanzi mu ggombolola y’e Kawolo

Ono bba yamwambula n’amuwalula okutuuka ku kinnya kya kaabuyonjo,  aba amufumita effumu ne wabaawo omuzirakisa eyamudduukirira. Lubadde yadduka era tewali amanyi gy’ali!

Wiiki bbiri eziyise, omuwala Sharon Namugenyi (19) yasangiddwa mu kisaawe ky’omupiira e Buikwe ng’asaliddwa obulago n’amabeere nga gasaliddwaako ebitundu

Abantu baayagadde okwegugunga era ne wabaawo abasamize ab’akwaatiddwa ne basooka okukuumirwa ku Poliisi e Lugazi oluvannyuma  ne bateebwa ku biragiro by’omuwaabi wa Gavumenti  olw’okubulawo obujulizi.

Okukwaatibwa kyava ku mmotoka yaabwe gye baali baakagula okusangibwako ebbombo. Beewozezzaako nti baabadde beebaza bajjajja okubawa obugagga.

E Buikwe era omusajja yakwatibwa gye buvuddeko ng’aziise omwana we omulamu. Ono  ali mu kkomera e Luzira

Eyasembyeyo ye musawo w’ekinnansi Adam Senfuma ow’e Busukuma- Gayaaza eyakwatiddwa  ku bigambibwa nti ye yasaddaaka omuvuzi wa ttipa z’omusenyu Ibra Mbalangu  abadde akolera e Kireka mu Munisipaali y’e Kira

Omulambo gwe gwasuulibwa mu mugga Lwajjali, Senfuma ne baganda b’omugenzi baabakukunudde Njeru n’e Nyenga gye baali beekweka!


Ekibi nti Buikwe ajjudde ebifo ebyekusifu ng’amasamba g’ebikajjo w’osobola okutambulira ddala okumala akaseera nga tolabye ku muntu.

Ekirala ky’ekibira ekinene omusangibwa emirambo gy’abantu bangi. Ne poliisi nayo tefaayo nnyo ku kisaddaakabantu. Okugeza gye buvuddeko, omusawo w’ekinnansi yakwatibwa n’omutwe gw’omuntu mu firiigi kyokka ne bamuta! Olulala, omusawo w’ekinnansi baamusanga agenda kusaddaaka mwana mu bikajjo bya Mehta, kyokka naye omusango gwabulankanyizibwa era ne bamuta!

Abantu bangi babuze ku b’ehhanda zaabwe ne bazaayira mu bikajjo ne mu kibira abamu nebalowooza nti babulira Kampala oba ku bizinga naye nga baabalya oba okubasaddaaka!


  1. Omwana Kiwanuka ow’e Naggojje.
  2. Ssenyondo ow’e Bulyantete
  3. Mariam Nabiryo ow’e Mawotto
  4. Moses Lukamya ow’e Kabula- Najjembe
  5. Robert Mukwaya ow’e Masika
  6. Mukazimukulu gwe baasanze mu loogi e Lugazi nga bamusaddaase nga taliiko biwandiiko.
  7. Omuwala gwe baasanze mu mukka Mubeeya omwezi guno nga bamusaddaase.
  8. Ibra Mbalangu baamusaddaakidde Buikwe wadde w’e Kira.
  9. Sharon Namugenyi yasangiddwa mu kisaawe e Buikwe nga bamusaddaase.
  10. Omusajja eyakwatiddwa ng’aziise omwana we omulamu e Buikwe.



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Posted on 8th August, 2015

Babbye omwana ne bamusibira mu bookisi y'ennyaanya:


Bya Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 10th October 2016





EBWEYOGERERE – Kirinnya, abasajja babiri babakutte n’omwana omubbe.


Omwaana Babirye ne Nyina(left) ate Musa Tibiita (35) ne Tom Egesa (18) (right)              


Abatuuze bano b’e Kirinnya Namataba be bakwatiddwa nga bakukumye omwana , Betty Babirye (4 ) mu bookisi y’ennyaanya nga bagibisseeko ebipapula mu nnyumba.

Omu mu bato banne bwe babadde bazannya y’alabudde nnyina, Deziranta Nalwadde, abadde anoonya Babirye n’amugamba nti waliyo omusajja amusise ku mukono n’amuyingiza mu nnyumba.

Nalwadda ng’ali n’abatuuze bakonkonye ku nnyumba ya Tibiita kyokka n’agaana okuggulawo, ekibawalirizza okukuba enduulu abantu ne bongera okukung’aana ne basamba oluggi ne bayingira munda ne bagwa ku mwana ng’apakiddwa mu kibookisi okukira ennyaanya!.

Amangu ddala, Poliisi y’e Kirinnya eyingiddewo ne bataasa Tibiita ne Egesa ku batuuze ababadde bataamye obugo nga baagala kubamiza musu.

Bombi batwaliddwa ku Poliisi y’e Kirinnya ne baggulibwako omusango gw’okubba omwana ku fayiro nnamba SD REF; 25/09/10/2016.



Posted on 4th October, 2014
Muliika advises the Uganda Parliament over the future of Constitutional making for the future of the Children and Grandchildren of this politically disturbed continent of Africa.
Publish Date: May 28, 2015
Dan Muliika and the Chairman of Evolution for Human Diginity Foundation,
secretary, Joseph Munyaneza and mobiliser Nyakojo Byaruhanga appeared
before the Parliament legal committee.
By Paul Lubwama 


Members of Parliament on the Legal and parliamentary affairs committee have clashed with the chairperson of Evolution for Human Dignity, Dan Muliika who questioned their mandate to amend the constitution. 


Muliika, the former Buganda Katikkiro who appeared before the committee to present views on the amendments asserted that members that parliament and political parties have usurped the citizens’ powers to have an input in the amendments. 


He told the committee chaired by Kajara County MP Steven Tashobya that: “there is need to have a new constitution because the current one was amended with selfish interests of politicians.”


lsingiro South MP Alex Byarugaba challenged Muliika saying the changing society warrants a constitutional review. 




Members of the Parliament of Ruanda in Africa are to debate to allow Mr Kagame to seek a third term of rule: 
What are the future ramification for the Children and Grand Children of this politically disturbed continent of Africa? 

Publish Date: May 28, 2015

Mr Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda.


KIGALI - Rwanda's parliament is to debate changing the country's constitution in order to allow its strongman President Paul Kagame to stand for a third consecutive term in elections in 2017, an official said Wednesday.


The debate, set to take place over the next two months, was prompted by parliament being handed petitions signed by a total of two million people -- or roughly 17 percent of the population -- asking for the constitution to be changed, the head of the chamber, Donatilla Mukabalisa, told AFP.


The announcement comes amid a wider controversy on the African continent over leaders changing constitutions in order to stay in office.


Last year Burkina Faso's former president Blaise Compaore was chased out after trying to stay put, while Rwanda's southern neighbour, Burundi, has been wracked by weeks of civil unrest and experienced a coup attempt over President Pierre Nkurunziza's attempt to do the same.


But Mukabalisa said moves for Kagame to stay in office were different.


"We have received two million requests," she said, explaining that parliament has been receiving a number of what she insisted were spontaneous letters and petitions from individuals, groups or associations.


Kagame, 57, has been at the top of Rwandan politics since 1994, when an offensive by his ethnic Tutsi rebel force, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), put an end to a genocide by Hutu extremists that left an estimated 800,000 of his community dead.


He first served as minister of defence and vice president, and then took the presidency in 2003, winning 95 percent of the vote. He was re-elected in 2010 with a similarly resounding mandate.


Rwanda's constitution, however, does not allow for a third term so it would need to be modified.


Rwandan officials have strongly denied that it is Kagame who is seeking a third term, insisting that the president -- hailed by his supporters as a guarantor of post-genocide security and stability, as well as a champion of economic development -- enjoys popular demand for him to stay.


Popular demand or theatre?


According to Mukabalisa, the petitions were the result of this popular demand for Kagame to stay and not because of elaborate machinations by the ruling party.


"It is the people who have taken this initiative," she said. "They were not forced to do so in any way. When they express their wishes, we can see that they are doing so from the bottom of their hearts. It is not something that we dictate."


"If we look at where the country was in 1994 and where it is now, the development has been spectacular," she added.


Mukabalisa said the Rwandan parliament and senate, both of which are dominated by Kagame's RPF, would debate the matter between June 5 and August 4.


But Rene Mugenzi, a Rwandan human rights activists who lives in exile in London, dismissed the petitions as a "stage-managed" ruling party initiative designed to show to the world that Rwanda is undergoing "constitutional change demanded by the people" and that Kagame is not just another African dictator.


"The government has been going to every level of society to get people to sign a petition," he alleged, claiming that Rwandans were being forced to sign or else face the risk of losing their jobs or being socially excluded.


According to Rwanda observers, the RPF's political office gave the green light for public debate on the issue to start in December, with the RPF's network delivering the message that the constitution can be changed.